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Avoiding Divorce Pitfalls with the right Mindset

While it is probably your first time divorcing, it is not ours. It is what I do. I work every day with divorcees, guiding them and helping them towards the best possible outcome, and establishing a solid foundation for their future as independent single women.

When you are thinking financially, you prevent yourself from making emotional decisions that could jeopardize your financial future. By contrast, I’ve repeatedly seen that thinking emotionally leads to short-sighted financial decisions and deep regrets.

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However, when you’re in the middle of a contentious divorce, thinking financially, not emotionally, can be easier said than done! So much of what’s going on in your life during divorce is undeniably, extremely emotional. As I can only share the emotional pattern that I’ve noticed, listen to and support you to cope with your emotions, I can help you focus on the finances.

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Our job is to be your advocate, your trusted person that you can rely on to advise you, vent to, and ask the questions you don’t dare to ask. I also help you manage your financial expectations, what to do with your financial settlement, and not give up.

So wherever you are in the process of divorce, from the thought of divorcing to being set up for single life, I am here for you all the steps of the way. I can assure you that you are a priority to me and the Financial Sherpa.

Understanding how divorce impacts your life, strategizing for your future, and having a plan, are primordial to closing a chapter of your life and opening a new one dedicated to YOU, YOUR needs, YOUR wants, and YOUR money.

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